We offer a wide and comprehensive range of products, which include:

1. Life O.K/LifeGold Maida

2. LifeGold Super fine Atta

3. LifeGold R-Atta

4. LifeGold Suji

Maida LifeGold:

Used for such mouth watering delicacies such as puri, paratha, Nan etc. Maida is extensively used not only in india but also finds a commendable place in Central Asian and Southern Asian cuisine. Once the flour is grounded in a flour mill it is passed through a fine mesh to obtain Maida. In the state of J&K, the most popular destination for obtaining this glorious product is our Maida, LifeGold.

Catering to the demand for Maida of the entire State, K.K Roller Flour Mills has emerged as one of the leading name in producing Maida. Made from the best quality wheat grain procured from the entire country and produced in the most hygienic condition and under the strictest quality measures, we ensure that our customer get the best quality Maida. Our automated packaing and attractive package in highly controlled hygienic atmosphere is another great attraction.

LifeGold Superfine Atta:

Exceptionally good quality of wheat is responsible for our Superfine Atta. Becoming a household name, latest machines and technology churn out Atta with a quality that can be rightly compared to "ghar ke pise gehu jaisa" Superfine Atta. Superfine Atta is not mixed with maida, which is common practice followed in the industry. With Lifegold Superfine Atta, you can be sure of absolute purity.

LifeGold R Atta:

Made from distinct quality of wheat our R.Atta. Becoming a household name in the whole state of J&K. Made out of choicest grains and processed in the state of art processing plants, and technology, churn out Atta with a quality that can be rightly compared to "ghar ke pise gehu jaisa". R Atta is unique as that there is good amount of bran that makes it fluffy in nature.

LifeGold Suji:

Golden fibred wheat kernels, ripened in the hot sub-tropical sun, are processed by K.K Roller Flour Mills, to bring to you Suji. Made from the best quality wheat grains. Suji is rich in nutrients like protein and carbohydrates.

India - the country of colourful festivals has the most mouth watering concoctions made of Suji. Halwa ect. the list of delicious recipes goes on endlessly, making every occasion a special one. Special care is taken to process Suji and utmost hygiene is maintained in the plant. The entire process is known as 'Material Maintaing Process' which helps churn out high quality Suji, preserving all its healthy virtues.

Our Suji is specially dried to ensure proper texture, yield and a longer shelf life. Also the moisture levels are kept under control through parial drying. Be it a festive occasion or an everyday snack, LifeGold Suji makes a delicious, nutritious and a tasty treat for you and your loved ones.